Birthday Parties

Enjoy your dogs birthday together and with their friends!

Birthday Parties

What better way to celebrate your pooch than throwing them a personalized birthday party?

What is all included? Each birthday party includes access to 1,400 sq feet of indoor and 12,000 sq ft of our outdoor play area. We have equipment for dogs to climb on, ball throwers for the ball-savvy dogs and a bubble machine that makes for fun pictures and memories. If it is during pool season you get full access to the pool and life jackets! We personalize a cake for your to bring home or share with your doggy friends! A staff member is on site to help with or as much or as little as you'd like. Decorations are on site, we do have many clients who do themed parties which make it fun and unique! We ask you to come a little early to prepare - however, if you'd like to just show up and let the dogs run around with no decorations we are perfectly fine with that!

What should I bring? You can bring as little or as much as you'd like. People food and beverages are welcome and usually brought in. We have tables for supplies and presents on site.

We do require all dogs to be vaccinated to attend a birthday party. Our vaccination requirements are bordetella, distemper and rabies. We also encourage CIV (Canine Influenza Virus)

Who can come? 10-12 doggie friends is a great number for these events. We encourage any family members and freinds to come, hangout and enjoy the party as well!

*If you are interested in knowing your dogs best friends from daycare and would like to invite them - the Paws staff would love to get you a list on who they typically play with at daycare! We can extend the invitation for you as well.*

Pricing - Your birthday party reserves the area for 2 hours. These can be schedule on a weekend afternoons/evenings.

Pool season (May through September) - $125

Non Pool Season(October through April) - $100

Want to inquire about scheduling a birthday party? Call for reservations or questions! 274-PETS or email