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Jeanine Hoff Lubben, Owner

Jeanine loves a lot of things: her husband, sons, Pomeranians (Cubby and Macy), cat (Oliver), and spending time with all of the above. But on top of that, she loves meeting new people and pets, creating relationships, and helping others hands-on through Paws Pet Resort.

Since being struck with a God-given inspiration, she knew that running a business for charity was her calling.

“I had a full-fledged crying breakdown while watching a video at a conference. The video was about creating a business to generate a steady income stream that could be given to charity. I immediately knew this was a business model I wanted to emulate.”

A few years—and lots of planning—later, Paws Pet Resort is her dream come true for that cause.

David Hyde, General Manager

With more than 15 years of experience in the pet industry, David knows the ins and outs of pet care, boarding, and grooming. He has four children and three dogs, and loves spending as much time with all of them as possible. For him, making a difference means bringing joy to others—which he does every day at Paws Pet Resort!

“The way that PPR came together is proof that God has a hand in everything,” David says. “I am glad to know that I am working for a bigger purpose. To work where everything we do in a day is making a difference. Whether that’s extra love to our furry friends, or donating to our charities. To know that I have to opportunity to change the lives of others, whether that is the employees who work for us or the people that are apart of the charities we donate to. And last but not least, working with Jeanine has been one of the best experiences I have ever had.”

Sami Jo, Trainer and K9 Behaviorist

Sami Jo is our daycare manager, she also leads all of our training classes. Sami's passion for dogs started at an early age. As early as she can remember she was all about dogs. From following in her Father's footsteps in the field behind his hunting dogs, to watching dogs work, she had an intense appreciation for canines. Working with dogs was natural for her considering how much she love to be around them!
When Sami Jo was able to own her first dog, a German Shepherd named Blu, it changed her life forever. She started service work with Blu and quickly realize search-and-rescue is where their passion lied. Sami and Blu were soon certified to be tracking team in 2016. However, they're serving the community did not stop there. They love training so much that Sami was inspired to attend Starmark Academy for dog trainers in Texas. Sami Jo graduated as a certified canine training and behavioral specialist. While she was there she had extensive hands-on education with basics, intermediate, and advanced off-leash obedience, clicker training, behavior modification, puppy obedience and socialization, nuisance behavior problems and canine Sports. After returning from Texas, they made an addition to their family adding a black Labrador Retriever named Tex to the pack. Both dogs love coming to work with Sami everyday and learning new behaviors. Sami and Blu recently were certified as a therapy dog team. Tex loves to retrieve and is making his way to becoming a stellar hunting dog. Sami and her dogs also enjoyed dock diving obedience classes, agility, hiking and traveling together!

Martina, Boarding Manager

Hi! My name is Martina Peterson. I recently moved to Sioux Falls to be closer to my nieces. I've had a love for animals since I was a kid. I grew up dog sitting for many families and loved every moment! I have a passion for animals, and a special love for my cat Pebbles. I believe God has led me to this company and I have been blessed to be part of the Paws family!

Andrea, Daycare Assistant Manager

Hi, my name is Andrea Kreifels, and I’m a daycare expert here at Paws! I absolutely love being able to interact with such a huge variety of dogs and getting to see all their unique personalities and traits! I just recently moved here to Sioux Falls from Southwest Iowa. I have two fur babies of my own: a puppy named Lana who goes almost everywhere with me and a sassy cat named Pippin. In my free time, I love visiting with my family, going on hikes, and traveling. Working with animals is a huge passion of mine, and I'm excited to pursue it and see what the future holds.

Kenydie, Boarding Specialist

Hi my name is Kenydie! I am 20 years old and live here in Sioux Falls. I have always had a passion for animals. With a wiggle of a tail or a kiss on the cheek pets can fix your bad day and make you smile. In fact when I was little I was convinced that I was going to be a vet. Today I am a full time dog groomer at Glamour Paws, as well as working at Paws Pet Resort. I have one standard poodle named Farrah and one grey cat named Mr. Smee (from Peter Pan).
One of my favorite charities is the Sioux Empire Pit Rescue, they are wonderful!

Taryn, Trainer and Boarding Expert

Growing up I had a huge love for animals. Being surrounded by dogs my whole life helped guide my way into dog training. My first job was working at a K9 daycare and boarding facility, I was 17. In my almost 2 years there I received hands on exposure to dog body language and behavior. My passion only grew from there and in 2015 I completed my 1 year online program through Animal Behavior College for Canine Obedience. At 19 I accepted my first dog training job at Petco. After completing a dog training instructor program I was promoted to Senior Dog Trainer and for 3 years I continued to get hands on exposure to puppy socialization to solving problem behaviors, clicker training, leash walking and teaching AKC Canine Good Citizen classes. While here at Paws Pet Resort I spent several months working under our head trainer, Sami Jo. Now I enjoying offering a variety of classes to our clients, all of which I love! I am a dog owner as well with my 3 year old Australian shepherd, Frost and my 1 year old German Shepherd, Kira.

Anna, Daycare Expert

Hi there! My name is Anna. Growing up, I got to take care of a range of animals such as, Chickens, Goats, Dogs, Cats and even 14 Cottontail Rabbits at one point. There's a very special place in my heart for animals, and I am so blessed to be working with dogs for my first job! I love playing and creating relationships with animals. When I was a child, I had a dream of owning at least 10 dogs! Until recently, I finally was able to have a dog of my own, he is my buddy and he always puts a smile on my face. I feel like God placed him in my life for a reason and I am so thankful.

Elle, Boarding Specialist

Hi, my name is Elle! I recently moved to Sioux Falls with my sweet little Goldendoodle Finn, to start a radiology internship at Avera McKennan Hospital. I have always been very passionate about animals. As a young child, I would spend summers on my aunts family farm riding horses, and playing with her dog and cats all day. I love to go on hikes/walks with Finn, read books, explore new places and travel, and spend time with friends/family. I feel so blessed to be apart of Paws team and to help make your fur babies feel safe and cared for while you’re out of town!

Jennifer, Boarding Specialist

Hi, my name is Jennifer. I moved to Brandon a few years ago with my fiancé. I have fallen in love with the Brandon and Sioux Falls area and can’t wait to build a life here. I am a bit of an outdoorsy nerd. I love to go camping and (if given the chance) motorcycling, but I also love to read and write. I am a Boarding Specialist here at Paws Pet Resort. I love interacting with cats and dogs and learning about their individual quirks. I also have a pet of my own, Kilo. He is my first dog; and not my last! I marvel at Paws Pet Resort’s level of professionalism and compassion for every creature that comes through their doors, and am inspired by their calling to help others. I am blessed to work at Paws and cannot wait to see what the future brings!

Adreanna, Daycare Expert

My name is Adreanna and I work in daycare here at Paws. Paws is such a fantastic place and I am so happy and thankful to be a member here. It's hard to pick what I love most about Paws. The amazing work family, the loveable dogs, all the fun we have, and the differences that we are making in the world through our giving. A little about myself: I have 2 pitbulls- Indica and Charlotte. We pretty much do everything together. I love to hike, garden, hang with friends and family, longboard, draw and read. Anything involving nature and adventure I'm all in. I am currently in school to hopefully become a Veterinary Technician. I would love to do volunteer work and animal rescue someday! But until then I am blessed to be able to love and take the best care I can of all the fur children that come in! I feel truly blessed and you should feel confident leaving your babies with us because we love them like our own and they will have a blast!

Phil, Boarding Expert

Bio coming soon.

Emily, Daycare Expert

Hi my name is Emily, I work in daycare here at Paws! I absolutely love coming to work and getting to play with your fur babies every day! I have 2 dogs of my own: a 3-year old Black Lab named Eva, and an 8-year old half Lab/half Golden Retriever named Sam! I have always had a love for animals, so working here is a great fit for me! Along with working at Paws, I am also currently going to school for Radiologic Technology and I will start my clinicals in the fall at Avera McKennan Hospital here in Sioux Falls! In my free time I love camping, kayaking, traveling, and anything that involves being with my friends and family!

Cailey, Boarding Specialist

Hi, my name is Cailey! I moved to Sioux Falls within the last year to pursue a radiology internship at the Avera McKennan School of Radiologic Technology. While working towards my career, I was given a great opportunity to work here at Paws Pet Resort taking care of your fur babies! I have a golden retriever of my own and she is my adventure pup. We enjoy paddle boarding, playing fetch in the lake, hiking on long trails, and snuggling! I love to travel, workout, and experience new places. I have a special place in my heart for pets and understand the impact they have on us as a furry family member! Working at Paws Pet Resort gives me a sense of purpose in making your fur babies feel comfortable and loved while you are away! 💕

Madison, Boarding Expert

Bio coming soon.

Sydnie, Boarding Expert

My name is Sydnie, I work in boarding here at Paws and I absolutely love it! I've been around animals all my life so working here is almost like a dream! I have a full time job as a patient care tech at Avera, so working here part time is a nice change. I have a rabbit named Lenny and believe it or not he's diabetic. When I'm not working you can find me doing homework, hanging out with family and friends, or playing with Lenny.

Katie, Boarding Specialist

Katie is a part time boarding specialist here at Paws Pet Resort. Katie grew up on a farm in Northwest Iowa surrounded by animals of all shapes and sizes. Many of her fondest childhood memories include the pets in her family and rescuing loose dogs with her grandma. She graduated from Crown College near the Twin Cities with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a minor in Cross-Cultural ministry. The college she attended was very focused on missions and gave her a desire to find a greater purpose in work. She is excited to be working with a company focused on impacting the surrounding community and world. In her spare time, Katie enjoys going on long walks and hiking with her Labradoodle Charlie, baking, cooking, and reading.

Tasha, Boarding Specialist

Hi, my name is Tasha and I work in daycare here at Paws. Paws is such a fantastic place, I am so glad to be a member here. When I was a young I was able to take care of a range of animals such as, bunnies, chickens, dogs, cats, and even hamsters. I enjoy working with animals of all kinds! I was born in New Mexico I came to Sioux Falls eight years ago. When I'm not working I love spending time with my family and friends.

Sadie, Boarding Specialist

Bio coming soon.

Skyler, Boarding Specialist

Bio coming soon.

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