One on One Training

A great option to get training without the distractions

Private Lessons

Whether you prefer private dog training sessions for individual attention, the convenience of training around your busy schedule, or because you want to tackle specific training issues in a private setting, we’re here to help you. Each private lesson is designed to meet your individual goals. We’ll spend the hour focusing on what you want to teach your dog and what problems you want to solve. We’ll then give you a personalized homework plan that works for you and your dog. Lessons last one hour and can be held at your home or in our facility. (In-home training does require a training session first at Paws)

$85 per lesson.

Packages include:
4 sessions - $320
5 sessions- $400
8 session - $640


Still do not know what option might be best? Set up a consultation with one of our trainers.

These are half-hour-long sessions where you and your dog can get to know our trainers! During this time our trainers meet you and your dog to talk about goals and specific needs. When you leave your consultation you will have a specific plan as to how to best achieve your training goals.

Anyone can sign up for a consultation.


* Consultations are mandatory for Stay N Train and Day Train clients*

For more information on any of these options, please fill out our link.

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