Puppy University

Puppy Daycare & Training!

Puppy University

Starting Age Between 8 - 12 weeks.

This program is a way you can have your puppy started on the right track while being trained, socialized and worked through common puppy behaviors. This is a specialized daycare program where your puppy will learn proper crate training, how to play with puppies, how to learn basic obedience and socialization to basic things like vet visits, new people, the groomers, etc. The program runs Monday through Friday, where you can customize how many times you come per week (twice a week being the minimum).

Hours: Drop off as early as 7am. Pick up as late as 7pm. Monday through Friday.

Pricing: $35 / day. Unexcused absences can lead to dismissal from the program.

*All puppies will need to have a puppy check-up at the Vet before attending*