Let your dog learn and play in our next-generation doggy daycare. Designed by dog behavior experts, each session balances enriching play with time for rest and relaxation.

Next-Generation Daycare

Busy schedules and energetic pets don't always get along: you want them to socialize and exercise, but it's hard to find the time. The solution? Paws Pet Resort's Doggy Daycare.

Unlike most daycares, we focus on quality, structured, enriching play with breaks and rest time to ensure your pup gets more out of each day. We asked dog behavior experts to design daycare sessions that feature indoor and outdoor play, naps, and snacks, all in small group sizes. 

When they're here, they're family. At the end of the day, you'll have a happy, healthy, and satisfied dog!

Daycare cost: $25 per day

Daycare Punch Cards

Are you a regular customer? 
10 Day Punch Card:  $238
15 Day Punch Card:  $350
20 Day Punch Card:  $445

What Should I Bring to Daycare?

We request all dogs come in leashed (a regular leash is best, not retractable please).  Some parents want to bring food or snacks to daycare, if your pet is used to eating at noon you may do so.  Otherwise, food is not needed.  If you do bring food please bring it in a disposable bag.  Please leave all toys and other personal items at home for daycare.  We provide safe toys at appropriate times.

Daycare Schedule