Fun Classes

Experiences for you and your dog from trick classes, fitness to barn hunt!

Frisbee Seminar with Rachel Sample

No Upcoming Seminars at this time - if you'd like to be notified next time, we have one please email to be put on the interested list.

From novice to experienced dog and owners we will ensure everything from the basics to tricks are included. This will be a great way to get your dog in disc foundations the right way!

Trick Class (All Ages)

Trick class is all about the cool factor! This positive and encouraging 3 week class will help you gain skills to show off everything your dog can do. We will learn tricks such as Spin and Turn, Roll-over, Sit Pretty, Weave through legs and many more! This is also an opportunity to earn 3 AKC titles to your dog’s name! Trick Novice, Intermediate and Advanced are offered and will be tested! This is such an exciting class to build you and your dogs relationship through learning!

Your dog must be food motivated and ready to learn!

Instructor: Sami Jo Menning and Addison Bertram

Cost of Class: $140 for 4 weeks.

Current Class:
October 20th, 5:15 PM. Instructor, Addison.

Upcoming Classes:
(Novice and Intermediate) February 28th, 5:15. Instructor Addison.

AKC Fit Dog Class (All Ages)

This is beneficial for dogs involved in therapy dog/service work, search and rescue, hunting, military and protection work, agility or just active dogs. Confirmation/show dogs benefit from this as well as this helps with their stacking and core muscles to make them stand out in the ring. Working dogs will benefit from training and fitness from all life stages. K9 Fitness will help each dog develop core strength, body awareness, and self-confidence.

Your dog must be at a healthy and fit weight.

Increase trunk and core strength
Strengthen the bond with your dog throughout interactive positive training
Stabilization of weak areas
Improved balance and awareness of the body's position in space
Improved body awareness and gain
Overall endurance strengthening and muscle toning

Instructor: Sami Jo Menning

Cost of Class: 5 weeks $140 - Dock Divers get 10% off!

November 16th, 6:15 PM. Instructor, Sami Jo. (FULL)

Upcoming Classes:
Level 2 - January 27th, 6:15 PM. Instructor, Sami Jo.

Foundations for AKC Ring

Thinking about competing with your dog in the future? This class is perfect for anyone wanting to step into the ring. The foundations are the most important part and with your instructor Hollie she will be guiding you through building up a competitive dog! This class will cover games and ideas to build up engagement and routine in your obedience routine. More specific Novice, Open and Utility classes are coming!

Cost of Class: $120 for 5 weeks

Upcoming Classes:
November 21st, 5:15 PM. Instructor, Hollie. (FULL)

AKC Novice Obedience with Hollie

This class is for anyone who has completed the AKC Foundations and wanting to continue with AKC Obedience. This class will cover all the goals and requirements for a CD title, along with introduction into the Open class. Hollie will cover proper heeling techniques, learning to stand, fronts and finishes and more!

Cost of Class: $120 for 5 weeks

Upcoming Classes: November 21st, 7:15 PM. Instructor, Hollie. (FULL)

Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt is a new sport where we train the dogs to detect and find rats in tubs. It is an AKC-registered event that the dogs love! Any dog who loves to use its nose will love this sport.

Our Instructor for this class, Kris, competes in this sport with her personal dogs and has many titles along with years of experience under her belt in the sport.

Try It Day Price: $40
Class: $120
Run Throughs: $15

Intro Classes (3 weeks long):
2023 Dates Coming Soon

Run Throughs (5-7 PM)
2023 Dates Coming Soon

Try It Nights
2023 Dates Coming Soon

Puppy Social

This is a one-time class where we work on confidence-building with brand new equipment the puppies may have never seen before. We also will be teaching the puppies appropriate play with each other. We will teach proper introductions to other puppies in a positive way and have fun while doing it. We will be grouping puppies by size and temperament.


Next Puppy Social:
December 17th, 1 PM.

Yoga with Dogs

Love yoga and love your dog? This class is a fun experience for you to enjoy a relaxing evening or afternoon with your dogs and do yoga with them!

Instructor: TBD


*To be put on a list for upcoming dates please email*

Open Gym for Canines

Come to Paws so your dog can exercise! This is a great way to keep your dog engaged as you give their brain and body something that challenges them in a healthy way. Open Gym runs Monday and Fridays from 9 AM- 11 AM. You will have access to all of our K9 Fitness Equipment and our treadmill (Only available to pre approved dogs who have gone through Treadmill intros).

Our K9 Fitness Equipment includes: Klimbs, Wobbles, Ladders, Peanuts, K9 Fit Bones, K9 discs, target pads, balance beams, etc.

To Reserve email

Cost of session: $12

Upcoming Sessions:
March 30th, 9:30-10:30 AM.

Rally Class

Obedience is fun, however; Rally is extra fun. In rally, a dog and their handler move together through a course made up of 10-20 signs. Each sign displays a skill to perform such as turns or behaviors like sit, down, or stay. The dog and handler work together and should show a sense of teamwork and enthusiasm throughout the course.


Price: $100 for 4 weeks.