Stay N Train

Training for your dog staying at Paws.

Paws Pet Resort Stay N Train Program

Our stay n train program is a very popular option. This training is where you drop your dog off with us and we work on consistency from off-leash obedience all the way down to nutritional guidance. This is also a great reset for some dogs who have developed sibling issues, reactivity in the home, etc.

All of our clients in this program our trainers are very transparent on what is best for the dog. Helping the dog is our main priority while teaching the owners how to keep up with the progress and the goals. Things that can be accomplished during this is off-leash obedience, crate/potty training, obedience, and confidence-building for dogs of any age. This is a special program where the owners have to be committed to continuing the results.

The lengths of times for this depends on you and your dog's goal - it is best to know this isn't a quick fix for your dog. It is a program to have intense one-on-one training and socialization while they are here and then continued work with their owner. We do require follow-up lessons along with continued training.

We do have 2 dog pricing for dogs who stay in the same home.

Minimum of 3 weeks. 4-5 weeks is recommended. A deposit will be required.

3 week (on leash behaviors) - $2,600
4 week (off leash) - $3,500
5 weeks (off leash & behavior modification) - $4,000

Continued support & education for the rest of your dog's life.

* Consultations are required before booking *

These are booked per the availability.


I cannot say enough AMAZING things about Sami Jo and Addison and our training experience at Paws! We brought our 1 ½-year-old black lab, Trigger, to them after a failed training experience with a different trainer outside of Paws. Trigger is so sweet and so loving, but he was also so wild and hyper, and we had zero control over his behaviors. Between the jumping, charging through the doors, and just being wild, I couldn’t ever imagine him being obedient or well behaved. We contacted Paws about their Stay N Train program and scheduled a consultation with Sami Jo. I was instantly impressed as Sami Jo wanted to know all about our objectives and goals with the training, and what we wanted to make sure Trigger accomplished with his training. She was very thorough and detailed in explaining how they do their training, what a typical day and week looks like during training, and everything Trigger would be doing from 1-1 training, group training, playtime, on-leash work, off-leash work, distractions, etc. I immediately trusted her with Trigger and knew he would be in excellent hands. During the training, I received weekly emails with incredibly detailed updates on how Trigger was doing, what he had accomplished that week, what he was going to continue to work on, what their plan for the next week was, and how much they loved him. They included several pictures in each email and he always looked so happy. The emails were so thorough that I knew the training team was dedicating everything to making Trigger the best dog he could be, and that they really understood his personality. I remember reading the emails and laughing thinking “That is so Trigger” and also thinking “Wow! They love him just like I do!” At the end of Trigger’s training, we went to Paws for the go-home lesson, and I was a little nervous because I didn’t know if I could keep up with the training as I’m the biggest pushover. We met with Addison for Trigger’s go-home lesson as well as his follow-up lessons, and she was phenomenal! He looked incredible – healthy, happy, and SO well-behaved and obedient! Addison worked with us and Trigger together, teaching us what we needed to do to continue the correct behaviors at home, and made sure we were comfortable and had the knowledge to take everything he learned at training home with us. Once we were home, Trigger continued to be amazing! We stuck to everything that Addison taught us, and it worked! He even listens to us and waits for direction when we’re in an environment where there are a lot of distractions! Following the training, Addison continued to check in with us and see how things were going. I felt like she was there to help guide us and assist us no matter what! to do. Since the training, Trigger has been the absolute best version of Trigger, and I could not be more grateful for Sami Jo and Addison!

- Trigger's Owner, Lauren.

We enrolled our dogs, Maize, and Bo in a 5-week board and train program at Paws and are so happy that we did! The facility is clean and well run and the trainers did a great job. The trainers worked intensely on basic commands as well as problem areas for each dog. The trainers then worked with us to learn to use the commands and continue working on things at home. Our dogs' true personalities can really shine now without problem behaviors overwhelming us. We are continuing with private and group classes to keep ourselves and our dogs learning new skills and proficient with previously taught commands. I would 100% recommend the Paws trainers and boarding!

- Dave & Alison