Stay N Train

Training with your dog staying at Paws.

Training staying at our facility.

Our stay n train program is a very popular option. This training is where you drop your dog off with us and we work on consistency from off-leash obedience all the way down to nutritional guidance. This is also a great reset for some dogs who have developed sibling issues, reactivity in the home, etc.

All of our clients in this program our trainers are very transparent on what is best for the dog. Helping the dog is our main priority while teaching the owners how to keep up with the progress and the goals. Things that can be accomplished during this is off-leash obedience, crate/potty training, obedience, and confidence-building for dogs of any age. This is a special program where the owners have to be committed to continuing the results.

The lengths of times for this depends on you and your dog's goal - it is best to know this isn't a quick fix for your dog. It is a program to have intense one-on-one training and socialization while they are here and then continued work with their owner. We do require follow-up lessons along with continued training.

We do have 2 dog pricing for dogs who stay in the same home.

Minimum of 3 weeks. 4-5 weeks is recommended. A deposit will be required.

3 week (on leash behaviors) - $2,226
4 week (off leash) - $3,100
5 weeks (off leash & behavior modification) - $3,800

Continued support & education for the rest of your dogs life.

* Consultations are required before booking *

These are booked per the availability.