Dock Jumping - Indoor and Outdoor Pool

Teaching Your Dog to Love The Sport of Swimming & Dock Diving

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Paws Pet Resort has been offering dock diving for 5 years. With professional instructors and 2 regulated pools and docks, your dog will get the best experience!

Open Jump

These sessions are for the dogs who have taken our class, know how to jump off the dock and we can help assist your technique. As a handler, you will also begin work on perfecting your toss. Attending every week is not required - as these sessions are geared towards whatever you and your dog need to work on most and getting experience.

$30 per class ($50 for 2 dogs)
5 Pack of sessions - $130
Dock Diving Memberships include these sessions.

2024 Dates: Located on our Facebook Page!
Look up "Paws Pet Resort Dog Sports"

Mondays, 6:30 PM
Thursdays, 5 PM
Speed/EV Wednesdays, 6:30 PM (July 10th, 5-6:30 Normal Open Jump)

June 5th - Cheezy Noodles
July 10th - Tacosdegringo

Dock Intro Class

This class introduces you and your dog to the dock diving dog tank, working on building confidence and comfort in the tank and retrieving a toy in the water. A strong foundation in swimming and retrieving is essential in a successful dock diving team.

If you think your dog would be good for this sport here are important pointers to know about your dog:

- You need to have a dog that is motivated to chase or retrieve a ball or toy.

- You need to have a dog that likes to swim and isn't afraid of getting wet.

- It helps to have a toy motivated dog because you cannot throw treats into the pool.

Wear/bring clothing that can get wet to wear around the tank area and towels.

Class sized are limited. $150 for 4 weeks.

2024 Class Sessions:
May 7th, 6:30 PM. Instructor, Madison. (FULL)
May 20th, 5 PM. Instructor, Addison.
June 6th, 7 PM. Instructor, Sophie.
June 24th, 5 PM. Instructor, Addison.
July 18th, 7 PM. Instructor, Madison.

Try It Days

Try it days are for any dog at any experience level. This is a great opportunity for dogs and people who never have tried out the sport of dock diving. We will introduce the newbie dogs on the whole sport. This option is awesome for anyone who cannot make it to the classes or just want to find out if their dog is interested in the sport at all.

We strive for Try it Days for the people who want to just come learn more about the sport with their dogs, be around the dock more, or come out to exercise with your dog! This is not a class so there will not be ground work or additional education.

For every class please bring a 6 ft leash, some of your dogs favorite toys, shoes and clothes that can get wet and a towel to use during the class.

$45 to reserve a spot.

2024 Dates:
June 29th, 11 AM - 1 PM

Private Sessions

We do offer one on one lessons to get your dog jumping in the pool if you and your dog would like a non-class setting and just to do it on your own. This is great for people who want to do it during the warmest part of the day or for dogs who do not do good in a group setting.

$40 for 30 minute session

$80 for 1 hour session

Renting the Dock

The tank is available to be rented for personal use, 1 hour or 30-minute increments. Rental is available to anyone who has a dog that is already jumping - you must schedule beforehand. If your dog is has not dock dived before at Paws you will need to have approval to rent the dock.

Indoor Dock:
Hours 9 -12 AM, 6-7 W-F
10 AM, 1 - 4 PM Sat
11 - 2 Sun

$60 for one hour and $30 for half hour *this price includes 3 dogs from the same household*
$5 for additional dog - 10 Capped Limit.

Outdoor Dock: (currently closed for the season)
Hours 7-5 M-F, 9-5 Sat, 11-3 Sun
$60 for one hour and $30 for a half hour for one single dog.
1-2 dogs $60
3-4 dogs $75
5-6 dogs $100

Speed/Ev Intro Class

This is a 3 week long class covering the disciplines of Fast Fetch (speed retrieve) and Extreme Vertical! Each week we will go over the rules and build your dogs confidence learning these two portions of the dock diving sport.
This class is $130 for all 3 weeks.

May 22nd, 5 PM. Instructor, Madison.
July 17th, 7 PM. Instructor, Madison.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are for all ages of dogs. This class will get your dog to experience the water in an educational setting. Not all dogs like to swim, but it is great for dogs to know how to swim so they can become experienced and confident in the water.

$75 for a 2-week class.

Please bring with you - treats, toys, clothes and shoes that can get wet and a 6 ft leash!
These sessions will be in our outdoor dock pool but will be moved indoors if inclement weather.

2024 Dates:
May 17th & 24th, 5:30 PM. Instructor Madison.(FULL)
June 8th & 15th, 12 PM. Instructor, Madison.

$150 Monthly Membership
Everything you need to jump all year!

Unlimited open jumps and up to renting twice a week (max 30 minutes) for dock rentals (Must Schedule beforehand).
- Free Daycare Swim added to daycare days
- Free Self Wash anytime!

*This includes indoor and outdoor dock diving*

To inquire or sign up for classes please email

If you'd like to join our email list for scheduling, please also email Sami Jo.