Our Rooms & Services

We've designed luxury VIP rooms, suites, cat condos, and services with your pet in mind.

All of our guests have 4 outside playtimes per day, included with their stay. We head outside for potty and play right away in the morning, starting at 6:30am, again at lunchtime, then mid-afternoon, and again before bed between 8 and 9:30pm.
Check-in and Check-out Hours:
Check-out time is 11am each morning, check-in time each day is 1pm each afternoon. We will try to be flexible with check in and out times. However, dogs checked-out after 11am or checked-in prior to 1pm are subject to being crated until their room is prepared. 11am to 1pm are the hours we sanitize and clean each room in preparation for the next guest occupying that room.

VIP Rooms


Our suites are divided into four separate rooms, to keep volume and stress levels low. Music plays through each kennel room, and large windows allow for plenty of natural sunlight. Each suite features side privacy panels, glass fronts, and a comfortable bench, so your dog can kick back, relax, and enjoy the stay!

Special Services

Want to give your furry friend a little extra love? Try our specialty dog services!

  • Bedtime snack: $5
  • Play Day: $30 (Twice as much potty and playtime each day, available for dog-friendly dogs only)
  • Fetch Time: $10
  • Pup-Cup: $5
  • One-on-one play or Cuddle time: $10
  • Outdoor walk: $12
  • Individual potty and playtime (not playing with other dogs): $12 per day
  • Peanut Butter Balls: $5
  • Pool Time: $15
  • Yappy Hour: $15 (additional group play and a treat)
  • Spoiled Pooch: $20 (cuddle time, walk, and a treat)
  • Personal Service: $20 (ideal for high medical needs or high-anxiety dogs)
  • Seasonal Frozen Yogurt Treats: $6
  • Peanut Butter Kong: $5
  • Seasonal Kongs: $6
  • Kong Wobbler: $5
  • Rent a Slow Feeder Bowl: $3
  • Brain Work Games: $10 (enrichment time with an employee)
  • Bark'N Egg Bowl: $10 (Fruits, greens, and an egg in a fun West-Paw bowl)
  • Puppy Crunchies: $7 (Kong filled with grain-free treats, strawberries, and yogurt)
  • Scooby's Scramble: $7 (West Paw toy filled with eggs, chicken, and yogurt)
Animals checking in after 3pm can request add-ons beginning the following day

For all boarding reservations, we will try accommodating your needs by allowing drop-offs before 1pm. However, the guest occupying the room the previous night has until 11 am to check out. Your dog may not be in their suite immediately at drop-off. Once the previous dog has checked out and the room has been cleaned your dog will be placed in its room.


Special Services

Want to give your furry friend a little extra love? Try our specialty cat services!

  • Brushing: $10
  • Go Fishin': $5
  • Cuddle Time: $10
  • Kong Wobbler: $5
  • Brain Work Games: $5
  • Lick Mat: $5


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