Group Obedience Classes

Grow you and your dog's bond through group classes!

To reserve a spot in a group class, prepayment is required to save your spot.

Puppy 101 (5.5 months old and younger)

You're a new "parent" congratulations! This 7-week course is for you and your puppy to experience a great time of learning together. This class is each week on the same day and same time. The class will cover puppy manners including sit, down, leave it, stay, loose leash walking and foundation recall. Puppy essentials, including house training, chew training, learning to like being handled, and preventing behavior problems.

Puppy socialization is very important early in your puppy's life. From 7 weeks to 5 months of age, your puppy goes through a socialization period that permanently shapes his future personality and how he reacts to things in his environment as an adult. Gently exposing him to a wide variety of people, places, and situations now will make a huge, permanent difference. The idea of socialization is helping your puppy to become acclimated to all types of sights, sounds, and smells in a positive way. Proper socialization can prevent a dog from being fearful of children, for example, or of riding in a car. It will also help him develop into a well-mannered, happy companion. Training is a great way to start them on the right track.

Instructors: Sami Jo Menning, Addison Bertram, Sophie Dekkers

Cost of class: $155 - Prepayment Required

Current Classes:
August 1st, 6:15 PM. Instructor, Sami Jo. (FULL)
August 23rd, 6:15 PM. Instructor, Addison. (FULL)

Upcoming Classes:
August 31st, 6:15 PM. Instructor, Sophie. (FULL)
September 19th, 5:15 PM. Instructor, Sami Jo. (FULL)
October 15th, 10 AM. Instructor, Sophie.
October 25th, 6:15 PM. Instructor, Addison. (FULL)

Puppy 201

This will be a 6 week course where your puppy will keep advancing in the stuff they are learning. This class is each week on the same day and same time. We will work on adding distractions to their basic obedience and the duration to their stays. We also will slowly add distance to all of the obedience they know.

As our puppies are getting older we will help our puppies learn impulse control when it comes to dogs, people, food and toys! We will keep you guys learning together as a team to keep your puppy well-mannered and well socialized.

*This class requires graduation from puppy 101/kindergarten.

Instructors: Sami Jo Menning And Addison Bertram

Cost of class: $140 - Prepayment Required

Current Classes:
September 1st, 6:15 PM. Instructor, Addison.

Upcoming Classes:
November 10th, 7:15 PM. Instructor, Addison.

Basics 101 (dogs older than 6 months)

Basics 101 will give you a wide variety of obedience tools to help you improve the quality of life you experience with your dog. During this 7 week course your dog will learn to master many commands dogs need to thrive! This class is each week on the same day and same time. Class includes instruction on look, sit, down, stay, walking, place, leave-it, recall, waiting at doorways, meet and greets, and tricks.

We can love our dog without loving all of their choices. Class also covers a variety of problem behaviors. You will gain tools to help reduce or eliminate many problem behaviors including barking, chewing, digging and behaviors that you are struggling with.

Class is guaranteed to be a fun way to meet other pet parents all while socializing your dog!

Instructor: Sami Jo Menning, Addison Bertram

Cost of class: $155 - Prepayment Required

Current Classes:
July 7th, 5:15 PM. Instructor, Addison. (FULL)

Upcoming Classes:
September 1st, 12:00 PM. Instructor, Addison. (FULL)
August 30th, 7:15 PM. Instructor, Addison. (FULL)
October 27th, 6:15 PM. Instructor, Addison.
November 7th, 6:15 PM. Instructor, Sami Jo.

Basic 201 (All Dogs Who Have Completed a Basic Obedience Class)

This 6 week class for dogs who graduated from Basics 101, now we can start having fun with expanding our knowledge! We will be extending our dogs training with more obedience and adding in distance, duration and distractions! During this course there will be obedience at higher levels, games and field trips! This is the class to practice generalization with field trips. Pre-registration is required.

Instructor: Sami Jo Menning

Cost of class: $140 - Prepayment Required

Current Classes:
July 21st, 6:15 PM. Instructor, Addison. (FULL)

Upcoming Classes:
August 25th, 5:15. Instructor, Addison.
October 25th, 5:15 PM. Instructor, Sami Jo.

Advanced 301 / CGC (All Dogs Who Have Completed 201)

This class was made to show off all the skills you have learned. designed to get you prepped and ready to take the Canine Good Citizen test. It is a great class and a great certification to have from the AKC. CGC shows your dog knows advanced obedience, aggressive free and ready to be a therapy dog or go into more dog sports. Basic 301 is for Basic 201 graduates who are ready for the next step. The steps in this class are great for each individual dog and to help get your dog towards your goals.

Instructor: Sami Jo Menning

Cost of Class: $140.

Current Classes:
June 22nd, 7:15 PM. Instructor, Addison. (FULL)

Upcoming Class:
November 8th, 5:15 PM. Instructor, Addison.

Urban Canine Good Citizen / 401

This test is for dogs who completed our Canine Good Citizen and want to do a public class! We will use local places around Sioux Falls to test obedience and present the AKC Urban CGC.

Cost of Class: $120

Upcoming Classes:
October 19th, 6:15 PM. Instructor, Sami Jo.

Drop In Classes

We now have memberships for drop in classes.

Show up with your dog, leash and treats and we will work on behaviors from loose leash walking to duration stays with distractions!

One class - $15
Monthly Membership - $100

May 29th, 2:00 PM. Subject - Impulse Control & Stays.
July 7th, 6:15 PM.


"Our pups officially graduated from 101 class! It was such an awesome program. Kellar and Penny learned a few great tools that we’ve put in to practice – place training, door etiquette, sit stays and leave-its. Taryn was fantastic! And the distraction of other dogs really helped elevate the training experience, too." ~Courtney Collen

"Paws have given Meeka & me a place to grow and learn. When I first got Meeka she would pull on her leash, didn’t know commands, had anxiety in her kennel. Sami Jo has helped Meeka in Basic 101&201 grow in her skill and given me the education I needed to know how to teach her to make her understand. We even were able to do private lessons to help teach Meeka her kennel is a safe place and minimize anxiety. It’s her home away from home. Meeka is always excited to go to training and daycare there and I am at ease knowing she’s well cared for." ~Jaclyn Claussen