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Head Trainer

Sami Jo Menning always loved animals, but never imagined how far dogs would take her into her career. She was always finding herself in the field with her father and his trained Labradors every fall following in his footsteps. From there she found working with dogs was very rewarding.

After graduating, she went to attend Starmark Academy and earned her accredited certificate as a Canine Training and Behavior Specialist. Since then, she has used her communication skills to help dog owners learn to love living with their dogs! "Dog training can be a very intimate thing. People let you into their homes and into their lives. And sometimes the changes that training requires can be hard," she says. "I love to be the support and encouragement while those changes take place, and I love to see the results in the home that comes with training!"

Sami Jo has 4 dogs: Blu, a 4 year old German Shepherd; Tex, a 2 year old Black Lab; Lola a corgi with so much personality AND a Dalmatian named Ray, who makes sure to pull in everyone. Blu is her everything dog who enjoys any sport she puts her mind to, but he also loves to work as a certified Search and Rescue dog, trick dog and dock diving competitor. Tex is her retrieving fool who finds retrieving the best thing in the world. Lola loves to steal the show at any dock diving event and Ray is attending confirmation classes to be a stellar “Show Dog”

To contact Sami Jo about training please email:

My name is Taryn Harvey. Growing up I had a huge love for animals. Being surrounded by dogs my whole life helped guide my way into dog training. My first job was working at a dog daycare and boarding facility when I was 17. In my almost 2 years there I received hands on exposure to dog body language and behavior. My passion only grew from there and in 2015 I completed my 1 year online program through Animal Behavior College for Canine Obedience. At 19, I accepted my first dog training job at Petco. After completing a dog training instructor program I was promoted to Senior Dog Trainer and for 3 years I continued to get hands on exposure to puppy socialization to solving problem behaviors, clicker training, leash walking and teaching group classes. I am a dog owner as well with my 3 year old Australian shepherd, Frost and my 1 year old German Shepherd, Kira.

Addison is our up and coming trainer here at Paws! She was born and raised in Parkston, South Dakota. In August she will be attending Starmark Academy in Hutto, Texas to get her certification in canine behavior and training. Once she has completed that we will be welcoming her back at Paws for private lessons, group classes and working with dogs here! She currently has a German Shorthaired Pointer named Coors. He is very outgoing, attentive and loves to learn new things. She says "becoming a dog trainer I have a goal of giving people that happiness of having a dog that is well mannered and can rely on them to be well behaved and also be a positive, happy dog. One of my favorite things about training dogs is seeing that 'light bulb' above their head go off when figuring something out and I am excited to train and work with them!" We are very blessed to have Addison apart of the team!


These are half-hour-long sessions where you and your dog can get to know our trainers! During this time our trainers meet you and your dog to talk about goals and specific needs. When you leave your consultation you will have a specific plan as how to best achieve your training goals.

Anyone can sign up for a consultation. Consultations are mandatory for Stay N Train dogs and One on One lessons.

Consultations are $35

Contact Sami Jo to book your private consultation today!

Private Lessons

Whether you prefer private dog training sessions for the individual attention, the convenience of training around your busy schedule, or because you want to tackle specific training issues in a private setting, we’re here to help you. Each private lesson is designed to meet your individual goals. We’ll spend the hour focusing on what you want to teach your dog and what problems you want solved. We’ll then give you a personalized homework plan that works for you and your dog. Lessons last one hour and can be held at your home or in our facility.

Prices are $70/lesson

Packages include

4 sessions - $265
8 session - $525

Stay and Train

We also offer training where your dog stays with the trainer and goes through obedience and reactivity issues. Things that can be accomplished during this is off leash obedience, crate/potty training, obedience and confidence building for dogs of any age. This is a special program where the owners have to be committed to continuing the results. Your dog must qualify for this program.

The lengths of times for this depends on you and your dog's goal - it is best to know this isn't a quick fix for your dog. It is a program to have intense one on one training and socialization while they are here and then continued work with their owner. We do require follow up lessons.

Minimum of 3 weeks. 4-5 weeks is recommended. Deposit is required.

Price Range is $950-1,750

* Consultations are required before booking *

These are booked per availability. Contact us today!
*Next available is December 2020*

To inquire about this service contact

Dog Yoga (all ages and experience levels)

Doga or Dog Yoga is bonding time with your dog. It helps you connect with your pet through physical contact and encourages movement together via yoga poses that the dog can be involved with~ by doing their version of the pose (down dog!) or just by being close to the owner.

Instructor: Deborah Smith

Cost of class: $20 (60 mins)

Enrolling Classes: Coming soon!

Registration: Please email to save your spot.