Our Mission

We're called to be a blessing—to the pets we serve, our employees, and those in the world around us.

Total Lifetime Giving as of December 1st, 2020.


Giving Back

It all started with a dream—a calling from God that nudged us toward doing more.

Jeanine wanted to create a business that would be about more than simply making money. She wanted a business that could generate a steady stream of income that could be given to charity. After a few years of planning and a lot of prayer, Paws Pet Resort became a reality.

Paws Pet Resort donates a portion of its proceeds to charitable organizations. The first is Mission Haiti, a Sioux Falls-based non-profit that holds a special place in our heart. The second organization is Partners World Wide, and the other two spots rotate quarterly. Any worthwhile organization is encouraged to apply for this spot. Learn more about each cause below!

Our Charity Partners

Mission Haiti

Mission Haiti works to provide people with the opportunity to fulfill the command God has given us, and to reach the people of Haiti—one village at a time—for the glory of the Lord.

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Partners Worldwide

Partners Worldwide helps business leaders in developing countries with micro-loans, allowing them to start their own businesses. This way, they can contribute to their community, earn a living to support their families, and take pride in their roles as leaders.

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This Quarter's Featured Organizations

Keeping Kids in Outdoor Sports (KKIDS)

“Our mission is to Educate and enhance the lives of diversified youth through mentor ship and hands on training of outdoor sports. “

There is an epidemic going on all around us that we do not have the cure for, but KKIDS does have the remedy it takes to make a great impact on the problem! Keeping Kids In outdoor Sports or KIDDS was originated in the Midwest as one chapter and in the last year, with the help of our volunteers, we have been able to triple that. It may not seem like much right now, but our wealth of knowledge and passion for the cure continues to grow as we expand.

Worldwide, the youth of today are being drawn away from our heritage by unprecedented levels of gaming and/or social media on digital devices. Right now in the United States, on average, children spend 7 hours and 38 minutes a day with digital media. While technology is a wonderful thing, our American traditions of outdoor sports are being lost in the wake of its’ mass acceptance. As true sportsman, we understand the importance of conservation and preservation of our outdoor legacy, and will continue to be the example for the world to see. Our traditions have given us the opportunity to help preserve our hunting, fishing, and all other outdoor sports for the youth of today and hopes of many generations to come by passing on these customs.

We are investing in today’s youth to give them the opportunity to learn the trade, conserve our land, and to respect Earth and living beings on it. Educating these young people now, will have a direct impact on the longevity of the outdoor sportsman and our land.

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St.Francis House

About the St. Francis House

We are an ecumenical transitional housing program for the homeless offering hospitality, fellowship and support to those in need. Our program provides our guests shelter, food, case management, and support. We offer special services for reaching long term goals including employment, independent housing, addiction recovery, and money management.

We differ from others by requiring all guests to follow guidelines including: a zero tolerance policy on drugs, gambling and alcohol, guests must attend two self-improvement classes each week, hold a full-time job, attend all evening meals, uphold household chores, place 100% of their earning into a savings account. Guests are required to pay on any outstanding debt, including fines, restitution, child support and past due utilities. Our program focuses on a hand-up rather than a hand-out approach.

Those served at the St. Francis House includes, those coming from hospitals, treatment centers, and prisons, families looking to relocate, and anyone looking for a chance to start over. Guests have ranged from newborn infants to the elderly. We are open 24 hours a day seven days a week including holidays.

The St. Francis House depends entirely on private donations and grants for its operating funds.

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